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Under our 25-year warranty for tools/knives and 5-year warranty for lights, we will repair or replace (with one of equal or greater value) your product at our discretion. If we choose to replace your product instead of repair it, your original product will not be sent back to you. If your item has sentimental value and you DO NOT want it replaced, please check the box above and note that if we cannot fix the item we will send it back to you AS IS instead of being replaced. Also note: to have a sentimental item repaired, it must be shipped to our warranty address in the US below and NOT to the warranty address for Canada.

Remember to send your Leatherman/LED LENSER product to us using an insured, trackable method. We are not responsible for products that do not make it to us. Do not return any sheaths, bits, lanyard rings, or other accessories. Those will not be sent back to you.

I am providing my signature electronically by checking this box, and by doing so, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the Leatherman Tool Group, Inc. warranty and warranty shipping policies as stated here and on the official Leatherman web site.